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Educational Courses

Trading Basics

Learn the essentials to unlock the financial markets' huge potential.

  • Identify products that can be traded on the financial markets;
  • Understand unknown terms trading platforms commonly use;
  • Don’t make the most common mistakes;
  • And so much more...

Technical Trading

Use professional tools needed to analyse price movements effectively.

  • Learn how to apply fundamental analysis and the tools used;
  • Learn how to apply technical analysis and how to find trading opportunities;
  • Use proven chart patterns & indicators;
  • And so much more...

Strategic Trading

Trade for your own gain after learning how to use a full set of techniques you can utilize for years to come.

  • Learn how to use Japanese candlestick patterns;
  • Learn how to use Fibonacci trading tools and Elliott wave theory;
  • Learn how to use proven trading strategies;
  • And so much more...


How It Works

The company provides training education
and A.I. trading bot access
to use to help you pick trades.

Earn Trading in Forex

Forex stands for Foreign Exchange markets (worldwide currencies)
that have prices that fluctuate
around the world.

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When you refer people and they
subscribe and start trading
you earn rewareds for yourself!

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